Looking for some prom night entertainment ideas for this year? The best theme ideas should be where classic elegance meets quirky fun evening for everyone. Prom themes can be tricky because you have to get the entire class to agree to an idea. There can be heated arguments in Prom committee meetings about whether A Midsummer Night’s Dream will make for an interesting decoration than a Masquerade Ball. We suggest a few prom ideas to make your decision simpler.

The Roaring 20s – The Great Gatsby movie has been a great success and the 1920s can be a great theme for 2014. A glitzy courtyard, lamp posts, rug of dancers, jazz age decor and prom goers dressed in waistcoat, colored shoes and elaborate headdress make for an interesting theme.

Arabian Nights – If you are looking for an exotic theme, then head to Middle East. Get students to paint murals, set up a henna booth for those taking a break from dance, decorate with cushions instead of chairs and tables. Imagine Aladdin and Jasmine going to their first prom night party events. Transport your fellow students to Middle East for a memorable night to remember.

Of Witches and Warlocks – Witches and warlocks are emerging everywhere, especially on television and books. Turn these magical creatures into your prom theme. Create an entry made of wood, colored decorations and baffling invitations. You can also adapt and add a bit of twist to classic fairy tales that are popular these days from Oz The Great and Powerful to television shows like Grimm, Once Upon A Time. Get your classmates to select a story that they can relate to and build your theme around it.

Frozen Nights – Create a winter wonderland but with a twist. From snow capped mountains to frozen fountain to crystal kingdom, this theme is sure to give some spine chilling moments.

From The Other World – Take your prom goers to an intergalactic world. Have alien theme, use glow in the dark decorations, planets, stars, dry ice to create an amazing experience.

Inspiring legends – Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and others are some of those people who still inspire us. So why not honor these legends for your prom?

If you are on your high school’s prom committee and looking for some prom theme ideas for 2014, then try sharing these trendy ideas with your fellow students. These ideas will stir a night of romance, a memorable experience and lots of fun.

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