Hair color correction

Hair color correction means that current color needs to be fixed and you may need a complete makeover to change your look altogether. This makes it important to consult a stylist before changing your hair color.

Most of the people make two mistakes while coloring their own hair. The first one is not to consult a color specialist and attempt for hair color corrections on own. For instance, if your hair color becomes too blonde then it seems to be easy to apply a light brown or medium blonde color to fix the problem but here the hair porosity plays an important role as how hair absorbs color.

When an underlying tone of the color is not known then covering with a new color changes your roots to orange color and leaves the ends transparent or white.Also, when hair has been colored to a darker shade then it becomes impossible to make it dark brown or black color. The hair porosity needs to be considered and the color should be removed by a hair stylist before applying any new color that matches the roots.

Due to different level of shades, hair color correction must be done by en expert stylist. If doubt exists, then schedule a consultation with your color specialist for suggestions as what would be the best choice of color for your type of hair.

In some cases, after hair color corrections, reconstruction treatment needs to be given to replace the moisture content in your hair. By lifting dark color out, the hair are in real danger of being damaged. Although you can buy over the counter treatment for reconstructions but it is better to seek help from a professional hair stylist as some treatments are protein based and dry out dry hair.

After getting your hair color correction treatment, make sure to use the best conditioners to balance moisture and proteins to make your hair heal in least possible time. Before going to hire a particular hair stylist, make sure that you agree on the cost involved as it can be very expensive. Make you stylist aware of your expectations to help you get the best color decision for your hair.

Even after the hair color corrections, maintenance is must. Always use high-end products that are color safe and UV protected. While using any hair styling tools, apply a leave-in conditioner or volumizing cream or gel to give protection to your hair from heat and inform your hair stylist about hair color corrections you been through. While rinsing your hair, be sure to rinse with cool water as it helps the cuticle to hold the color and keep the shine.Lastly, to make your hair look healthy, use anti-frizz serum or light dry oil.

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