Skin and hives allergies can sometimes get serious. If you are anguishing from skin allergy by yeast, then your doctor will be prescribing you some tablets or ointments, which are easily available at drugstore near you. Mostly it is seen that these medicines enhance the hives and skin allergy in various ways and make the situation critical for you. For finding the best cure, there are some treatments, which you can practice on your own.

Tips to eradicate hives and skin allergy

Below mentioned are the top ten cures, which you can administer to get rid of skin and hives allergies.

  • Maintaining proper hygiene would be the best option, which you can take into use. Keeping yourself clean would be the best method that you can adopt if you want to keep yourself free from hives. As skin allergies spread because of negligence, it is important to take proper care of your personal belongings.
  • If you are having a good and healthy lifestyle, then chances of having skin and hives allergies is less. If you reduce the consumption of tap water and alcohol, then chances of having, skin and hives allergies is less. Taking the required time for sleep is also important because stress might lead to allergy.
  • Following a diet regime as prescribed by the doctor would be best for use. Below mentioned are some of the foods, which should be avoided for consumption:
  • Sugar products, even some of the fruits with sugar components are not allowed
  • You should try avoiding dairy products like butter and cheese as they contain high level of mold and yeast, which can trigger skin and hives allergies. You should even avoid taking melons and dry fruits.
  • Products with higher level of lactose should be avoided. You cannot consume curd as it triggers skin and hives allergies.

Food that has to be consumed to avoid seasonal allergies

  • Consume those products, which are having high level of protein, which means that, consuming poultry products along with fish and legumes would be good for you. You can even take use of soy and products made of soy only if you do not have any sort of side effects and are best to avoid Seasonal allergies
  • Suggested by allergy center, consuming green vegetables would be helpful for you as it can control skin and hives allergies with ease.
  • Drink a lot of water in a day. Consuming 4 liter of water in a day would be very fruitful for you.
  • If you are willing to have tea, then take use of herbal tea for consumption
  • Consumption of pro-biotic products is advised
  • Allergy center also suggests that you can consume whole grain products like oatmeal, millet and brown rice. But remember, do not mix sugar into them

If you want to have a positive effect of the cure when you are suffering from Seasonal allergy, then it is very important for a person to understand the food table as suggested by allergy center. Even after skin and hives allergies are cured, it is good that you stay on this diet as it will prevent allergies and you can enhance your immunity system.


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