Hair colors and highlights can help make an eccentric style statement. If the chosen hair color complements your skin color and eyes, you will never go wrong with the appearance and your look. Women keep trying new highlights and colors and the trends keep on changing. Although the trends in colors and highlights come and go, you can now set your own unique style statement by choosing something different or by combining color and bold highlights. When hair color and highlights combine, the result is an altogether new kind of personality. It is something more than covering the grey hair.

The Brunette surfer look: the latest in the trend

This year, the hairstyles takes a new turn and may be seen evolving. As per Erin Bogart, the surfer look is the latest in the trend. Any brunette with dark hair can get the hair highlighted and use hair pieces. They may add up blonde highlights on the hair strands around their face. The sun kissed surfer look will be acquired with the blonde highlighted hair strand around the chin. This is sure to accentuate the complexion of the person.

Pale gold highlights and double processed blond

If you want to go for blond, then the trend is double processed blond or pale gold highlight for the spring. Those who want platinum hue on the hair, they must take professional assistance since that cannot be done at home. If you are looking for lower maintenance highlight, you can definitely go for pale beige gold highlight. As per Stuart Gavert, a renowned hair expert, the one with natural blonds must use a conditioner before going under the sun. The conditioner will act as the sunscreen to protect the hair from harmful UV rays of the sun. Your hair will shine in an amazing manner and also create natural kind of highlights.

Hair color to complement the skin color

You must necessarily use the hair color which suits your skin color and skin tone. If the skin is dark, one must go for tones like copper, red or gold highlight to appear perfect. Here you may use the blonde ash highlight.

Hair relaxers and perms rockville can highlight the hair color further. But it is important not to use the perm or relaxer extensively. They may cause damage to your tresses. Nevertheless, the hair color, the highlight and in fact the hairstyle must suit your face, skin color and complexion. Use dark and lighter shades of colors to complement green color eyes.

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