Like all other appliance, commercial ice maker maintenance is very crucial to your business’s proper working. There are certain red signs like cubes or nuggets smaller than usual, or strange odors, and cloudy seeming ice, which show that your ice maker requires cleaning. And if you delay it, the ice maker’s working would be inefficient. It would consume more energy and produce less items (ice). Also, the initiation of new life in your ice maker can take a toll on your business’s reputation. However, if you do some work on its maintenance you would not need to call for commercial ice maker repair service.

Here are a few tips for commercial ice maker maintenance which will surely help you.

  1. Install Filter

Install a filter in your ice maker, so that it prevents accumulation of the lime scale (the chalky residue formed because of left out deposits), which can wreak havoc on your commercial ice maker. If left still, this lime scale can do permanent damage to your ice maker, would damage its components, and you would need to call commercial ice maker repair service for help.

  1. Clean It Thoroughly

This is quite obvious as the key to maintenance of any equipment is cleaning it thoroughly. There are certain organic substances which may stick to your commercial ice maker and cause problem. Clean and sanitize the equipment after every six months. However, you should keep monitoring the equipment after a couple of weeks.

  1. Use Chemicals, But Only Those That Are Approved

You have to use chemicals to clean your commercial ice maker, especially for the scale removal. However, use those which are recommended by the manufacturer or are approved by authorities. You need to remember that one should always use hot water to mix chemicals, and should not deviate from the suggested strengths.

  1. Use The Recommended Tools

You can use the cleaning tools like nylon brushes, and abrasive pads (mild) to do the cleaning. Do not use anything which leaves scratches on the surfaces as it would allow bacteria to grow on the surface. In order to clean the crevices, use specialty brushes.

  1. Check If It Needs Cleaning Frequently

While monitoring the ice maker, if you feel that it needs cleaning and sanitizing more frequently, consult an expert to check your equipment, and if the water quality is fine. Usually, if the ice maker needs frequent cleaning, it means that it requires water treatment.

  1. Clean The Condenser and Its Filter

The condenser ensures the smooth working of the ice maker and thus it should be cleaned regularly. Also, clean its filter while cleaning the component. The filter is washable and requires all the trapped dust, lint, grease, and dirt to be cleaned. All you have to do is to rinse it with soap and water. As for condenser, clean it after every six months and it is better to hire the services of an expert.

Conclusively, as commercial ice maker maintenance is important to your business, you should be careful about so that you don’t need to call a commercial ice maker repair va service.

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