Occasions like wedding, birthday, graduation day, anniversary, and family get together are all very important and memorable occasions of one’s life. The big celebration calls for a big gathering and big gathering requires bigger arrangements. Be it your own backyard or a function hall you may need to put up party tents for every ones comfort. There are many wedding tent rental facilities available, which makes it easier for tent rentals.

Few pointers before renting a tent

There are many things one need to consider before going for tent rentals. Let’s explore few of the most important points to consider while planning a party.

  • Number of people attending: The most important task for any event planning is the number of people attending it. The size of tent to be rented is directly proportional to number of people attending it.
  • Type of event: Events like corporate parties or a sports event need a larger space than a BBQ party in your backyard. The tent size even depends on a type of party like a stand up party or a sit down. You even need to add up some extra space for buffet tables, dance floor, stage etc. according to your event.
  • Location of the event: You need to consider the location where you are going to arrange your party. You need to speak with your party accessories rentals regarding the location. They need to check for this like gas, water or drain lines before digging up for setting up the tent.
  • Type of tent required: There are basically two types of tents, the frame tent and the pole tent. The frame tents don’t have any pole inside the tents whereas pole tent have a center pole. Frame tents can be erected almost on any surface whereas pole tents require a grass grounds. Usually the framed tents are laborious to erect hence are a tad bit costlier than the pole tent. Pole tent is usually preferred for its beautiful canopy style.

Sidewalls, drapes and lighting: These are equally important to give a grand look to your location. For a grand and elegant look you cannot ignore the look of your party location .Styling involves all the fancy stuff and decorations the party rentals put up to add a personal touch. Sidewalls help to give more privacy and a hall like feel to it and lighting adds character and they are practical when it’s a night time event. These are amazing ways to make the occasion even more memorable.

  • Accessories: You can have many important accessories like pedestal fans, floor fans, water barrel, chairs, tables, ultra deck sub flooring etc. for rents. All these make the occasion more comfortable for your guests.

All these above points let you know all the things which you need to consider while planning a party. It’s always a wise decision to select party tent rentals that fulfill all the above requirements. Nowadays there are many tent rentals MD who show you a 3d CAD drawing to show you sample tent setup.

The author of this article is an experienced event planner and works for a major tent rentals MD. He has planned many extensive events and has made them all a grant event. He helps the clients decide the tent size according to their requirements at the party tent rentals.

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