Many people are unable to decide whether they should renovate or remodel their house. It becomes important when choosing home addition companies. Below is the complete guide about renovation and remodeling.


Renovation means repairing or restoring the place. In simpler terms, renovation is taken as to revive a house. In such a case, they update the paint colors, look, appearance, and preserve the old design. Nothing new is added. The structure remains the same. It is a simple process as compared to remodeling which also include updating structure and other changes. Usually a house with a good structure is renovated for better look.

Pros of Renovation

Cheaper and Affordable

Renovation is usually cheaper and more affordable. A new house can be renovated with the least cost and it proves very helpful. With renovation, you can restore the look of your house.

Consumes Less Time

If the house is in good shape, renovating it takes a lot less time as compared to an old house. You can finish renovation within a few days or a week the most and enjoy an excellent house upgrade.

Simple and Convenient

Convenience is another good thing about renovation. As you will not change the items or structure, you will feel more comfortable with it. Designers or painters feel more comfortable with renovation than remodeling.

Preserves the Old Design

If you love your house and want to preserve its original look, renovation is the best option. It allows you to restore the property to its original shape and make it look newer than ever.

Cons of Renovation

Expensive for Old Houses

When the house is too old, renovation can prove an expensive option. So you should think about it before deciding.

Accidents and Injuries

When the structure is in shambles or poor, it can lead to accidents and injuries while you are renovating the house.

May Take More Time in Some Cases

With the old and in poor state houses, renovation can prove to be a time consuming task. You will have to take care of little details and respect the design too.


Remodeling refers to changing the structure. When someone has to remodel a house, that means they want to change its appearance and look. It also includes removing some old items and replacing them with new ones. It is also important to remember; the structure may not be the same after a house is remodeled. Usually, the old houses are given remodeling in order to make them look more appealing.

Pros of Remodeling

Increases House Value

Talking about the benefits of remodeling, it increases the value of your house or property. As most of the items are replaced with new items of latest designs, the house looks way better than the state it was before the remodel. Buyers are interested in newly remodeled houses as it ensures them that if they buy it, they wouldn’t need to repair anything. It’s quite like buying a new house.

New and Better Appearance

There is no doubt that remodeling changes your house to a whole new level. It looks like a completely different property with better appearance and new designs. If you bought house as is, a remodel will let you design it the way you want it to be according to your lifestyle. And according to a survey, 75% of people feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a remodel project. Sound good, right?

Durability and Longevity

Remodeling is also preferred over renovation because it guarantees durability. The lifespan of your house increases with a remodel, in almost every case. This will be a huge benefit for you as a house owner.

Cons of Remodeling

More Expensive

In remodeling, you have to purchase new items, furniture and articles for the house. This leads to more expenses and can be less affordable for many people. You will also have to consider tax rates after remodeling the house.

Takes More Time

Without a doubt, remodeling is a detailed and longer project. It takes months and becomes troublesome for many people due to time required.

Complex and Tough

Home remodeling is harder, tougher and more complex task. That’s why you need the help of a reliable home remodeling addition DC service that can handle the project expertly.

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