While looking for the easiest way to use hair extensions, clip in hair extensions are proved to be the best method. To create the illusion of long and flowing locks, you can try this method any day. This is cheap and comfortable way to have stylish hair within few minutes.

Why to Have Clip in Hair Extension

  1. Exclusive Look– The significance of this method is that here the extension is used made of purely natural hair. The extension color is one shade lighter than your natural hair to give a highlighted look. These extensions come in various colors and those can be washed, styled and cut for tailored look.
  2. Best Hair Quality– The extension set comes in pieces with delicate waves which can be blended well with your natural hair. You can easily wash them out as you wash your own hair. Lie flat on a flat surface for drying.

Steps to Install Hair Extension

Now, it is time to experiment the process. For having clip in extension, you need to go through the following steps-

  1. The first step of applying it is to section your hair into several parts. Try to take whole hair from the bottom and secure most of it at the top of your head.
  2. Have you washed your hair freshly? Then, you need to apply dry shampoo to have some grit at the roots so that the clips fit well and never slide off.
  3. Now, section the rest of the hair into small parts and tease the root where you are going to fix the clips
  4. Usually, every hair pieces consist of 2-3 clips. You can begin with a hair piece that has three combs with it by opening all the combs.
  5. Now, attach it at the place you have backcombed. Slide it to the teased area and shut the clips. Keep the edge of the clips as close as possible to your scalp.
  6. Are you done now? Let one strand of your natural hair down to repeat the process of attaching.
  7. Don’t forget to spray hair spray to the roots for better hold.
  8. If needed, follow the same process again to attach more pieces. How many pieces you will be needed depends on the length and volume you want for your hair.

Usually, so cap USA hair extensions are the best for clip in styles. For any further information, you should consult your hair stylist and ask about the process in details before attaining it.

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