If you suffer from allergy characterized by runny nose and itching eyes, it is time to summon nasal allergy doctor. Those who do not care for the nasal allergy, they end up with sinus problems that affect them in the later stage of life too much. The weed allergy or the fall allergy can propel you to blow your nose very hard. This severely impacts the nasal membranes and even weakens the immunity system. There are other causes of weakening immunity system like poor dietary habits, lack of sleep and extreme exposure to allergy triggers, smoking, drinking and the use of drying medicine to clear the nasal passage. Do not blow your nose too hard on the event of fall allergy.

How the fall allergy gets converted into sinus?

Usually nasal cilia drive the bacteria and allergens out of the nose. In the initial stage of allergy, the nasal cilia speed up passes by dripping nose. Later on it gets exhausted and fails to move bacteria outside. Hence, the bacteria multiply inside. Excessive blowing of the nose, rubbing of the eyes, damages the nasal and the eye membrane. The bacteria spread through the healthy sinus, harming the tissues. When weeds become a major problem, it is better to stay inside the yacht on the oceans. Staying indoors is the best way of avoiding allergic reactions.

Ways of preventing nasal allergies and sinuses

The most common cause of sinus is undoubtedly blowing your nose. The habit must be got rid of. Secondly, when the humidity of the air is more than 50%, it is crucial to reduce the humidity level inside. Dust, mites and mold will harm your immunity system and thus it is important to reduce the levels. Antihystamine pills are the best way to avoid the moisture and ragweed allergy. You can buy the easily available Zrytec and Claritin to curtail the allergic symptoms. There are sprays like Astepro and Astelin that are available over the counter. So, before the allergy season sets in, you can start using Nasochrom for great relief from irritation. Without any prescription, Nasochrom can be availed from drug stores. Even the cortisone type nasal spray can help.

You should locate a nasal allergy clinic near to your place to get effective treatment for the problem. To avoid the occurrence of sinus, you must ensure that cilia keeps washing away the bacteria and pollen.

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