When there is shoulder pain, it is not just one joint which pains. There are many tendons and muscles and joints which severely pain. When the soft tissues become unstable it results in pain.

Shoulder pain can be caused by many reasons

Generally, one may feel the pain only when they move the shoulder. This pain is generally temporary but sometimes it may last long. Then treatment is needed. The pain in shoulder can be caused because of tendon inflammation or tear. Instability and arthritis also cause severe pain. If there is any broken bone then it leads to shoulder pain. In rare cases shoulder pain is caused by tumor and infections. When tendons are affected then there will be pain in the shoulder. The shoulder instability is caused when arm bone is forced out of the socket. This is caused during accidents. When shoulder is completely dislocated, the ball moves out of the socket. Fracture is caused when the bone are broken. This may generally occur in old age people when they fall due to sickness or when they are weak. Fracture is a biggest cause of pain and swelling.

Doctor’s advice is needed before medication

For any shoulder pains, it is necessary to visit a doctor and seek medication. The doctor will conduct medical examinations and clear about the pain and its cause. The first thing the doctor asks is the medical history. He would question about the pain like how and from when it is started. If the pain was old enough then he will ask about how it was cured earlier. All these things will help a doctor and the patient to know about the shoulder and how to cure the pain. Then he looks for physical examination and check if the muscles are weak or if there is any swelling.

Various tests like x-rays, MRI and EMG are taken and then inner parts and nerves are checked. If surgery is needed then arthroscopy may be performed. The doctor will suggest the best medication for pain relief and it must be taken as per the direction. Only in case the pain is not cured with the medicines and therapy then surgery is suggested. Shoulder problems like dislocations, cuff tears will be suggested for surgery. Shoulder pain may sometimes lead to difficulty in chest as well. The shoulder doctor will take care of the different shoulder pains. They are experts in this area and perform the best medications and surgeries.


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