Here is a note on the 2016 opinion poll results regarding the important election in the US. In 2016, there will be an important change in the international politics because of the presidential election of the US. Everyone knows it better that the international economy and other sectors are directed greatly by the United States. Therefore, the presidential election of this country will make an important change in the world’s arena of leadership.

The presidential election has been scheduled on the 8th November 2016. There will be first a voting process to select the presidential electors who will in turn elect the next President of the United States. It means the voting for the next President will not be done for the open seat. It is the important feature of the United States politics.


The Parties Competing for the Presidential Election


There are two parties named Democratic and Republican, which are fighting for the presidential seat. The nationwide opinion polls are being taken to assess the current position of the candidates of these two parties. It should be mentioned here that the former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton has submitted her candidature from the Democratic Party. The candidates from the two parties will be chosen from the Democratic National and Republican National Convention, which have been taken place in the month of July 2016. The current President of the United States, Barack Obama is ineligible for the election of the next President because of the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. According to the amendment, no one person will be eligible to become the President if he or she has already executed the power of the presidential office for twice.


The Opinion Polls for the Presidential Election, 2016


Let’s come to the business. It should be known here as the President polls 2016. The nationwide opinion polls already have denoted Hillary Clinton as the potent candidate from the Democratic Party for the next presidential election in 2016. However, there are another four candidates from the party who are also eligible to become the next President. According to the major polls the five names from the party for the presidential election are Lincoln Chafee who is the former Governor of Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton who was the former First Lady of the US and former Secretary of State, Martin O’Malley, the US Senator Bernie Sanders, and former US Senator Jim Webb. On the other hand from the Republican Party, there are many faces for the election. Among them, Hillary Clinton is running leaving behind everybody. According to the various poll models, the updated polls have shown that she is leading by a huge margin.

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