The Hillary polls 2016 seem the most positive at this point in time, and there is every reason to be so too. Hillary Clinton is a known name around the world and is recognized by pretty much every American Citizen. She has been the first lady of the nation when her husband Bill Clinton was the President. Post those years, she has held offices on multiple occasions and risen to be a much-liked personality in the whole political scene. She has proved herself as an asset for the democratic, a multiple times while occupying different offices and is geared to prove the same yet again with the 2016, presidential elections that are to be held in the month of July.

The 2016 presidential poll trends:

The media (both visual and printed) are continually drawing polls to bring a clear picture of the positions of the different candidates, both to the parties and the citizens of the country. This helps maintain a fair bit of transparency amongst the candidates and provides them with equal chances to fight back to claim the top position.

Both the early and present poll results have directed towards a victory for Lady Clinton. It looks like that not only is she in for the candidacy but also is on the way to becoming the face of the Democratic Party in the near future. It should not come out as a shock if the victory rests in the hands of the Democrats, and Mrs. Clinton leads them as the president of the state.

The Hillary vs. Trump Scene:

The polls indicate every chance of Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump (Republican Candidate) or for that matter any other candidate from the Republicans and turning it into a win for the Democrats.

The ownership of the states:

It is a known fact that the Republicans have a stronger hold over the Southern States in the nation. By this, it is implied that Democrats have less to no chance of winning here. Yet there are a set of states that are stapled with the Democrat name and Hillary Clinton, with her potential, and vigorous campaigns are sure to win them over. These states, include- Washington D.C, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois and Delaware.

Hence, if you were looking for a clear Hillary Clinton polls by state, these states are sure to be a part of those polls.

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