The 2020 election is near, and the voters will decide on November 3rd who’ll sit in the oval office for the next four years. The real war for the presidential nomination is between Joe Biden and the current president Donald Trump. You can see the latest Trump vs. Biden polls to know who is leading.

The republican president is running for reelection, but is facing serious competition from Joe Biden, who has been in the US politics for a long time, but is best known for being vice president under Barack Obama.

As the Election Day is coming closer, polling companies will try their best to ask the American public for their opinion on both the presidential candidates. In this article, you’ll find out the results of some polls, and this will help you know the latest trends in American politics.

Biden Is Leading In National Polls

Usually, national polls are a good indication of the people’s opinion on both of the candidates. While these polls can gauge a candidate’s popularity amongst the public, these can’t be taken as an authentic prediction of election.

The best example is the case of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. She led Trump in the national polls and even got around 3 million more votes than Trump, but still ended up losing due to the Electoral College system used in the United States. So, we can confidently say that getting more votes doesn’t guarantee you a win in the election as well.

With that out of the way, Joe Biden has also been leading Trump in the national polls. He has been around 50% or more in most cases. Biden has even taken a 10 point lead in some cases, beating his opponent by a huge margin. But why is a 10 point lead considered huge? Well, that’s because the poll results in 2016 weren’t so clear, and Hillary Clinton led Trump by 3 points or so in most of the polls. That thin lead has now extended to over 10 points in some cases. So things are way clearer this time around.

States That Decide The Election Results

As we all witnessed in the 2016 presidential election, where you win is more important than the number of votes you get.

Many states in the US almost always vote the same way (either Democrat or Republican voters). There are only a few states where candidates can fight each other to change voters’ mindset and shift the election in their favor. These states are known as the battleground states, and election is won or lost in these states.

Battleground states include, but are not limited to Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and some others.

The United States uses an Electoral College technique to elect its president. Every state is given a specific number of votes based on the number of members it has in Congress- House and Senate. The total number of votes in the Electoral College are 538, and it is necessary for a presidential candidate to win at least 270 or more votes from the Electoral College to win.

Some of the battleground states are big. They have more Electoral College votes as compared to some other states. That’s why the candidates often spend most of their time and effort in winning these states, as this can literally mean the difference.

So, What About The Battleground States In The 2020 Election?

So far, polls done in the battleground states indicate an advantage for Joe Biden. But we can’t say anything for certain, as these states are called battleground states for a reason.

Biden is also showing lead in some battleground states in which Trump won by a margin of less than 1% against Hillary in the 2016 election. This can be a problem for Donald Trump in the election this year.

Thin Lead For Trump

Also, in many other battleground states that Trump won in 2016 by a fair margin, the lead is thin this time around. This is the real worrisome thing for the Trump team.

However, many people are still expecting Trump to make a surprise comeback as he did on Election Day in the 2016 election. He still has odds just below 50% in betting markets. Keep your eyes on Trump vs. Biden Wisconsin polls and vote wisely.

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