The 2016 republican presidential polls are the series of the electoral contest which is taking place within the US, the 5 US territories, the District of Columbia between 1st of February and 7th of June 2016. The series of elections are designed by the Republican Party to choose around 2472 delegates to Republican National Convention who would be the nominee for the President of the US. In the primary and the lead-up season, there is a lot of speculation which is made. The main question is who will become the Republican nominee to fill the US Presidency and challenge the Democratic nominee. Who will be occupying the post vacated by Barack Obama is the major question at this point. Mitt Romney, the former Governor or the party’s nominee in the year 2012, hinted that there would be the presidency third bid just at the onset of the year 2015. But then, on the 30th of January he moved back saying that he would not be seeking the nomination.

Who are the candidates listed in the independent nationwide polls?

In the latest presidential polls, there are mainly 15 names which have been listed. They have filed as the candidates of the Federal Election Commission. They are Donald Trump, the Chairman of the Trump Organization, Ted Cruz, and the US Senator from the Texas, Marco Rubio, the US senator, John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, Jeb Bush, the 43rd Governor of Florida and several others. Among these names, Mitt Romney, the nominee of 2012 Presidential election lost the election on the previous occasion to Barack Obama in the year 2012. The RNC has drafted plans to condense the season simply because the long drawn out election season would hurt the nominees of 2016 as it hurt Mitt Romney. The candidates for the 2016 republican presidential polls originate in different Republican Party tendency. The grassroot conservative is certainly represented by Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Certain candidates are found appealing to moderates and conservatives. They are Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal.

The latest poll report

It has been a Super Tuesday voting session where it is seen that nearly half of the nominee need 1237 votes more to win the nomination. There are around 595 delegates who are at a race and there is a constant tug of war. It has been a dramatic moment in the Houston, Texas when a heated discussion took place between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio. It is Donald Trump who is criticized adequately for not distancing himself from David Duke.

This is a short report of latest presidential polls but it is better to watch complete report to get exact results.

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