Before learning about the home remedies for Parvo you should know what is Parvo and how its causes. Parvo stands for the deadly virus ‘canine parvovirus’ that is contagious and fatal to puppies. The Parvo virus is known for attacking the digestive system of the puppy or even the cardiac system. It is also known to impact the lymphatic system and the main symptoms of the virus attack includes too much of vomiting which kills the puppy.

The deadly virus causes dehydration and causes dysentery, fatigue and blood stain over the face. There are many home remedies for parvo. It is very important to keep the puppy well hydrated and even add antiviral apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal to the water which is supposed to be consumed by the pet. This broth can kill the virus and there are homeopathic and easy remedies as well.

Holistic treatment for Parvo and certain home remedies

Since the cost of veterinary care is rising, poor pet owners are unable to handle the veterinary professional. As a result they look for home treatments and solutions to treat Parvo:

  • Parvo is highly contagious and is marked by immediate loss of appetite and dehydration. It is important to remove the pet to an indoor cordoned area and attend it for 24 hours. It is important to clean the floor with the bleaching agent and layer the floor with wee pads, kitty litter solid layer and newspaper.
  • Nurse the pet all the time and save its life.
  • It is very crucial to get the tests done. Parvo mimics other pet diseases and so you need the help of a vet to examine the pet thoroughly. Provide the benefit of the vet to the pet. Never believe in those who say that vets only tend to hydrate the pet and do nothing else. Parvo is too complex to require only hydration. However, for a quick relief, you must offer fluids to the puppy every half an hour. It can be administered orally and you can even inject it.
  • Make use of the enema kit to hydrate the puppy. You must keep in mind that the dehydrated puppy will never expel the fluid but it will retain it.

What is Parvo emergency tea and how to use it?

Parvo emergency tea is thought to be the safest and one of the most effective home remedies for Parvo. Make sure to use the tea, which is devoid of Pedialyte. Garlic content and Pedialyte can cause vomiting. Parvo tea is the outstanding way to cure the vomiting. It will stop vomiting altogether. The parvo emergency tea must be exercised as soon as you suspect parvo in the puppy. A few hours of delay can cause a huge loss.

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