Asthma is a lung disease in which airways get narrowed or blocked. This disease causes breathing difficulties. People who suffer from chronic asthma need asthma doctor for asthma management, because it is possible to live a normal life with asthma. Asthma triggers can give rise to asthma attack and proper medication will be needed to survive the attack.

More about asthma

Asthma has genetic origins. It means asthma could be a disease with which you are born. It is not really important to get the answer of question “what causes asthma?” but knowing “what causes asthma symptoms to appear?” can help a lot in managing asthma symptoms.

What causes asthma symptoms to appear?

The most common triggers of asthma symptoms are:


Almost all asthma patients have allergies. In fact, over 30% of people who have allergic rhinitis also develop asthma symptoms. Allergic reactions generated by antibodies often inflame the airways. This gives rise to asthma symptoms. Thus, allergy and asthma patients should avoid indoor and outdoor allergens as humanly as possible.

Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco Smoke can instantly give rise to respiratory infection, which then triggers the asthma attack. Smoking is not only dangerous for smoker but also for nearby people. Asthma sufferers should totally avoid smoking as well as smoking zones.

Environmental Factors

Indoor and outdoor pollution often trouble the asthma patients. The indoor allergens such as animal dander, mold, paints, household cleaners, gas etc. can trigger asthma attack. In order to avoid asthma attacks, you should keep your home clean and hygienic.

Asthma patients should avoid their encounter with outdoor allergens like pollen, dust, dirt, high humidity, cold weather, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone etc. to prevent the asthma attacks. If you have asthma, then you need to remain extra cautious while going out.


Asthma is more dangerous for obese person than a non-obese person. It is because obese person get tired easily and at that time lungs have to work hard for respiration. In order to prevent asthma attacks, obese people should think about weight management.


Stressed people are at higher risk of asthma attacks. The asthma patients should discuss their stress issues with asthma specialists to get guidance on stress management.

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